Best Ankle Brace for Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the human body. It connects your heel bone to your calf muscles and is used when walking, running, and jumping. Achilles tendonitis occurs when the Achilles tendon becomes inflamed or aggravated.  Achilles tendonitis occurs in the middle area of the tendon which is slightly above … Read more

Best Brace for Achilles Tendon Injury

Best Brace for Achilles Tendon Injury So you have hurt your Achilles, now what?  After your RICE treatment, you are going to want to get a brace.  The brace will help stabilize your injury while you heal, while also allowing you to be mobile.  We reviewed five braces which we think would benefit people who have … Read more